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Cylindrical Fenders have protected ships for more years than any other fender type. Cylindrical fenders are a simple and versatile marine fender system as well as being easy to install.
Cylindrical Fender can often be installed at less cost than types having equal energy capacity. They offer a means of lowering fender costs when there is a large variation in the size of incoming vessel.
Dock protection operations Dock protection operations
Dock protection operations


Cylindrical Fender Construction


Cylindrical Fender Cylindrical Fender


Features of LuHang Cylindrical Fender


1. LuHang Cylindrical Fender has low reaction force, less surface pressure and reasonable energy absorption. 

2. Due to its simple figure, LuHang Cylindrical Fender is easy to be installed and maintained. 
3. LuHang Cylindrical Fender has good adaptability for transversal and longitudinal shape during berthing. It can be used widely for all kind of shipping and dock protections.