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Marine Airbag for Lifting

  • Product Name:  Marine Airbag for Lifting
  • Origin:  China
  • Packing:  Nude Packed or Customized Packing
  • Brand Name:  LuHang
  • Delivery Time:  Usually within 7 days
  • Minimum Order:  1 PC
  • Supply Ability:  5000 PCs/month
  • Quality System Certification:  ISO 17357-2002 ISO 9001:2008 By
  • Product Details:  Marine Airbag for Lifting

Ship launching or upgrading relying on air-bags is an innovative technology having promising prospect in shipbuilding. It overcomes the shortcomings of the fixed launching track, which limits the productive capability of the small and medium sized shipyards. Now it has become a Flexible Launching Technology, having the merits of time and labor saving, flexibility, reliability and safety in operation and comprehensive economic benefits etc.


We  company  are  the  inventor  of  first  ship  launching airbag, as the founder of the area played a leading role in setting National Standard and industry standard on marine airbag and fender products. Our General Manager as an illuminating teacher of marine airbag and fender area has been cultivating many employees in the industry, who has made a great contribution to the marine airbag and fender industry in China. Such as, almost all the companies and factories with marine airbag and fender business in Qingdao, China derive from our company; some of their bosses and owners even directly worked in our company before and they set up their business after getting limited experience, customers and production technique from our company. Just friendly reminder that if you decide  to buy ship launching airbags in China, we strongly suggest that you come to see the factory first no matter which company you   will  work  with.  Also  please  note  that  the  airbag industry is chaotic in China. Most of companies boast very hard about their companies' history, achievements and quality, etc on the internet to the potential customers, even they do fake certification. When you come to see the companies on your own eyes, you will know what we said.