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Foam Filled Fender

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As an alternative to pneumatic rubber fenders, the Foam Filled Fender can meet most stringent quality and performance demands. The manufacturing process of Foam Filled Fenders allows for any size to be constructed and selecting the appropriate grade of foam core and elastomeric skin means the performance of a foam filled fender can be precisely gauged to meet specific specification requirements.


Ship to dock operations Ship to ship operations
Ship to dock operations Ship to ship operations


Foam Filled Fender Construction
LuHang Foam Filled Fender is a kind of constructive fender with polyurea materials as its outer protective layer and EVA foam core forming the resilient inner part. The LuHang Foam Filled Fenders are constructed of three parts each providing an important function in the construction and lifespan of the fender. The three parts are (1) The closed cell EVA foam. (2) Outer rubber + nylon cord fabrics. (3) Polyurea spraying coat.       
Foam Filled Fender
Foam Filled Fender Classification
There are two types of Foam Filled Fenders, one is CTN Type with chain & tyre net and the other one is Sling Type without chain & tyre net.  
Features of LuHang Foam Filled Fender
1. High energy absorption with relatively low reaction force. Compared to the typical pneumatic rubber fenders, the same sized Foam Filled Fenders absorb up to 40% more energy. Additionally, the Foam Filled Fender will not fail if punctured. 
2. Foam Filled Fenders can be used in any tough conditions, providing tough, heavy-duty protection for ship-to-ship, ship-to-dock and ship berthing and mooring applications.
3. Easy to maintenance. As the internal construction consists of a solid heat laminated foam core, there is no need to maintain air pressure, inflation, or relief valves as with pneumatic rubber fenders.
4. Tough, nylon filament reinforced polyurea/polyurethane skin; Optional Kevlar™ reinforcement. 
5. Foam Filled Fenders can be customized in various colors, which increase the select range of customers.