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Heavy Lifting and Conveying Airbag



Heavy Lifting and Conveying Airbags have over twenty years development, the first generation heavy lifting and conveying airbag used a rubber dipped canvas as a reinforcement layer to form the air chamber trunk. Two cone-shaped molds were then used to make the ends and everything was stuck together.
Today, with advanced technology, Rubber dipped synthetic-tyre-cords are used as the reinforcement layers with the trunk and two cone-shaped ends made at the same time.  Everything is then-laced together, so the air bag doesn’t have any joints. Due to the development of rubber chemistry, the performance of the rubber employed in the latest air bags is highly enhanced and about 15 times that of the first generation bag with the same specifications.
Rubber material test requirements :


Test Item

Required value

Test method


Tensile strength, Mpa


ISO 37


Elongation at break, %


ISO 37


Hardness,°(Shore A)


ISO 7619-1


Tear strength, N/cm


ISO 34-1


Compression set ,%(70℃ ± 1℃,22h)


ISO 815-1


After thermal ageing at 70℃ ± 1℃ 96h

Holding of pull lengthening, %


ISO 188


Holding of elongation at break, %


ISO 188


Change of hardness, °(Shore A)


ISO 7619-1


Static ozone ageing at 40℃x 96h

[ozone concentration(50±5)x 10-8], extension 20%

No crack

ISO 1431-1