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LH-SC Super Cell Fender

  • Product Name:  LH-SC Super Cell Fender
  • Origin:  china
  • Packing:  Nude Packed or Customized Packing
  • Brand Name:  LuHang
  • Delivery Time:  Usually within 7 days
  • Minimum Order:  1 PC
  • Supply Ability:  5000 PCs/month
  • Quality System Certification:  ISO 17357-2002
    ISO 9001:2008 By UKAS
    ISO 900
  • Product Details:  LH-SC Super Cell Fender

                                                       Features of LuHang Super Cell Fender


1. E/R · H: 15 percent more

Effectiveness  of  the  fender  is  designated  by  E/R · H. The value of E/R · H of LuHang Cell Fenders is 0.450 which is 15% higher than the 0.383 for the ordinary cell fenders.

2. Well performing at angular berthing:

For  selecting  a  fendering system suitable for berthing of large vessels, angular performance is one of the most important factors to be considered.

3. Sizes of LuHang Cell Fender

The sizes of LuHang Cell Fender are selected especially by taking the most effective range for receiving large vessels from 50,000 DWT to 500,000 DWT into consideration.

In  this  area,  a  fender which has a high absorption of energy with specially a low reaction force is required. The following sizes of our LuHang Cell Fenders meet this requirement:


  LH-SC 630H PDFLH-SC 630H.pdf LH-SC 800H PDFLH-SC 800H.pdf LH-SC 1000H PDFLH-SC 1000H.pdf
  LH-SC 1150H PDFLH-SC 1150H.pdf LH-SC 1250H PDFLH-SC 1250H.pdf LH-SC 1450H PDFLH-SC 1450H.pdf
  LH-SC 1600H PDFLH-SC 1600H.pdf LH-SC 1700H PDFLH-SC 1700H.pdf LH-SC 2000H PDFLH-SC 2000H.pdf
  LH-SC 2250H PDFLH-SC 2250H.pdf LH-SC 2500H PDFLH-SC 2500H.pdf LH-SC 3000H PDFLH-SC 3000H.pdf

LH-SC Super Cell Fender Borchure

PDFLH-SC Super Cell Fender Borchure.pdf

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