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Pneumatic Rubber Fenders are used worldwide today for ship to ship transfer operations, terminals, ship to dock operations, ship berthing and mooring operations and for all kinds of ships. Filled with compressed air, Pneumatic Rubber Fenders are ideal protective mediums for almost all marine applications.


Ship to dock operations Oil Tanker Undocking Ship to ship operations

Ship to dock operations

Oil Tanker Undocking

Ship to ship operations










Pneumatic Rubber Fender Construction


The LuHang Pneumatic Rubber Fender is made of synthetic-cord-reinforced rubber sheet with compressed air inside to enable it to float on the water and work as a shock absorber between two ships, or between ships and berthing structure when they come alongside each other on the water. Basic body construction of LuHang Pneumatic Rubber Fender consists of an outer rubber layer, cord layers and inner rubber layer. All of these are vulcanized together. End flanges are at both end for convenience of air charge and other purposes.


Pneumatic Rubber Fender Construction


Pneumatic Rubber Fender Classification

We normally recommend fenders with a chain & tyre net (CTN) for protection of the fender body, but they can also be delivered without one.

Features of LuHang Pneumatic Rubber Fender

LuHang Pneumatic Rubber Fender1. LuHang Pneumatic Rubber fenders comply with all the requirements of ISO 17357, ensuring high performance and high quality.


2. All of LuHang Pneumatic Rubber Fenders need to pass strict tests like compression test and bust test at different deflection etc. in the factory before delivering.


3. The energy absorption does not decrease at inclined compression up to 15 degrees.


4. The reaction force increases slowly and does not increase sharply even under excess load conditions.

5. LuHang Pneumatic Rubber Fenders are adequately reinforced using strong tire-code to against the combined force during ship berthing and mooring operations.

6. Easy installation and maintenance. The weight of pneumatic fenders are supported by water on which it floats, therefore, the pneumatic fenders can be simply installed on the wharf and anchor mast.