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Ships and Marine Technology-Ship Launching Airbags


Using rubber airbags to launch or pull ships which can be also called ship launching and pulling technology is an advanced technology with bight prospect. This advanced technology has got over the shortcomings of previous ship building factory’s traditional technology-being restricted to sliding way, elevator box ,etc, and developed into a flexible up & down-to-slipway technology, with such advantages as labor saving, time saving, strength saving, investment saving, being flexible, safe, reliable, and obvious economic benefit.
Terms and definitions of Ship and Marine Technology—Ship Launching Airbags:
1. Bearing capacity of air bag
Maximum load carrying of the air bag, while it suffers no permanent deformation or damage.
2. Body of air bag
Cylindrical part of the air bag after being fully inflated with compressed air.
3. Burst pressure
Internal pressure at which the air bag bursts.
4. Diameter of air bag
Diameter of the air bag body.
5. Head of air bag
Conical parts connecting the body and the mouths of the air bag.
6. Initial internal pressure
 Air pressure that fully inflate the air bag, before compression. 
7. Length of air bag
Length of the air bag body.
8. Mouth of air bag
Metal valves mounted on both ends of the air bag for changing air. 
9. Percentage deformation
Ratio of the deformed height to the original diameter of the air bag while the air bag is being compressed. 
10. Rated working pressure
Maximum allowable internal pressure of the air bag while supporting a weight or load equal to the rated bearing capacity of the air bag. 
11. Synthetic-tyre-cord layer
Reinforcement layer of the air bag which is made of rubber coated synthetic-tyre-cord fabrics.
12. Total length of air bag
Overall length of the air bag.